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About Arizon Pool & Spa

Welcome to Arizon Swimming Pool & Spa. We truly are your one stop pool & spa repair and maintenance company in Monroe, WA and surrounding areas.  We offer repairs and upgrades of pool & spa equipment.We offer superior pool and spa maintenance packages.  In some cases, we include pool draining and acid washing, as well as other  services.

We offer a “diagnosis call” for all of your service projects!  We want your pool or spa to be as trouble free as possible.  Your backyard should be a place of your dreams. Our repair and consultation services are available when you call our office at 360-794-4083.  No matter who built your pool or spa, when it was built, and in whatever the style,We will help you enjoy your experience! 

Remember, “Quality work at a fair price”


Buying a new or bank-owned home with a pool or spa? Arizon Pool & Spa also provides pool equipment inspections to our clients. Our detailed inspection will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.  If required, we can recommend  a certified diver for inspection dives as well as emergency service and repair work.  Contact us today to get further information.

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If you are having troubles keeping your spa water pristine and fresh, check out our “Basic Spa Upkeep Guide” which addresses the water quality issues you face daily.  Why have another troublesome chore?  The guide is laminated for your convenience and it’s FREE!


Is it time to Upgrade your Spa Control System?  We can make it happen and improve the longevity of your spa experience at a fraction of the cost of buying a new one.


Arizon Pool & Spa is also a Pentair pool supply dealer.  We sell and maintain many of their pool and spa products including filters, energy efficient pool pumps, lights and salt systems.


We have some other brands are as follows:  Hayward, RayPak, Laars, Sta-Rite, American Products, Aqua Flo, Waterway, etc.

Spas:  Clearwater, Cal Spas, Hot Springs, Sundance and many more….